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Cookies Policy

AKARIE RESOURCES LIMITED EOOD (referred to hereinbelow as Akarie) is a sole owner limited liability company, established under the Bulgarian legislation and registered at the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency with UIC: 131167308, having its seat and registered address at: 2A Saborna Str., fl. 5, Sredets Region, Sofia 1000.

Akarie is the administrator of this Website and the content published on it. This Cookies Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) describes the various types of cookies that may be used in connection with the access to this Website or the provision of our services and the different ways you can manage them. We use cookies to improve our Website and services and to provide our current and potential customers with up-to-date information regarding the services we provide.


1. What Are Cookies

Cookies are small text files or tags that are downloaded and stored on your personal computer, mobile device or other terminal device when you visit a certain Website. They may be set by the Website administrator or a by a third party. They are widely used in order to make Websites work in a better, more efficient way. Websites can read and write these files, enabling them to recognise you and remember your personal preferences and other important information regarding your use of the Website that will make your user experience more convenient – i.e. language, font size, user name and others.

Some cookies, known as “session cookies”, expire at the end of your browser session. Other cookies, known as “persistent cookies”, are stored on your personal computer, mobile device or other terminal device between browser sessions.

We use cookies to determine whether your terminal device has already communicated with our site. By reading the cookie data we can design our Website to be easier for you to use.


2. Cookies Management

Most browsers are set by default to accept all cookies, however, the users can set their browser to notify them before the acceptance of cookies, to accept or reject only specific cookies or to refuse all cookies. The users can as well delete all cookies from their device at any time. Bear in mind that any changes you make in these settings apply only for the specific program of the browser on which you have made them. If you use different browsers or different devices you have to change the settings for each browser and for each device. Please, refer to your broiwser`s help feature for information how to change the cookies settings and to delete cookies. For more information regarding the cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage, block or delete them, you may refer as well http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/.

3. What is the Internet Protocol Address (IP address)

The IP address is a number (a series of numerals separated by dots), which is given to your device every time you enter the Internet. This number is different depending on the network, which you use to enter the Internet (home network, business network – at the office, public network – at the café, at the airport). The IP address allows the devices and the servers in the Internet to recognize each other and to communicate to one another. Without being connected with additional information about you the IP address cannot identify you as a natural person. It only provides the opportunity to maintain the communication with your device, while you browse our website.


4. What data do we collect through our cookies

When we use our cookies we receive the IP address of your device, which you use every time you visit our website. We use your IP address to ensure the functionality and the navigation of the website, to suit the website to the specific purposes of the users, to improve the users work with the modiles, for the purposes of the IT-security and performance of a system diagnosticts. We can as well share it with our partners, which help us maintain our website.


5. How do we use cookies on our website

When you visit our website we use cookies to ensure that you receive maximum functionality. These cookies are regarding your preferences or your device, through which you visit our website. In order to have our website fully functional we use the following programs and web features, which may have access to your IP address without identifying you as a natural person.

When using our website you can agree with the use of cookies, which your selected browser accepts in accordance with the settings you have set, you can personalize which cookies to be used or entirely to reject their use. If you refuse to use cookies this may affect the functionality of our website and your access to it as well as the services we can offer. Your choice of cookies made on our website will be remembered at each visit. In order to remember the choice you have made we will also use a cookie. This means the following: if you delete all of your cookies you will have to update your preferences regarding our website; if you use another device or browser you will have to indicate your preferences once again.

You should bear in mind that after the deletion of all of your cookies you will have to renew your choice on our website.


6. Types of cookies that we use

6.1. Necessary (own) cookies (First Party Cookies)

These cookies are used only by us and for that reason are called own cookies. They are set by the server of the visited website and share the same domain. These cookies are necessary so that our website functions as intended and so that a user session can be created and a user group can be set with access to the public resources on the website (text, image etc.). We use two types of own cookies – session and permanent.



The necessary cookies connot be turned off in our systems. Usually they are set only in response to your actions, representing a request for services such as setting your privacy preferences, system log in or filling in forms.


6.2. Functional cookies

These cookies allow the website to provide improved functionality and personalization. They can be set by us or by third parties, whose services we have added to our page. The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with a more personalized use of our website on the basis of your previous visits and choices. Upon refusal of these cookies some services may not function correctly.


6.3. Analitical cookies

We use these cookies in order to analyze and identify the behavior of our website visitors. We track the IP address of the device you use to identify you when you visit our website next time. When possible we combine the data for your online behavior with personal data, which you have provided us with before. These data will be used for analysis of your behavior on our website.


6.4. Marketing and Targeting Advertisement Cookies

Google analytics collect general statistical data aiming to improve the performance and navigation of the website. Google supplements these general data with demoghraphic data and information for the interests of the visitors in order for us to understand better their needs.

These cookies can be set through our website by our partners in the advertisement field. They can be used by these partners in order for them to build a profile of your interests and to show you appropriate advertisements of other websites. This is based on the unique identification of your browser and device, which you use when accessing websites. If you do not allow these cookies, you will receive less targeted advertisement. These cookies are:


6.5. Third Party Cookies

The Third party cookies are stored on domains different than the domain of your website. This may happen when our website links to a file, e.g. JavaScript, which is located outside its domain. These cookies are persistent cookies and will be deleted automatically after 2 years if you do not visit https://sterlingoffice.com/en again.

For instance such are the cookies for social networks. On our website we use cookies of the following social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

They provide the logged in users of chosen social networks with the opportunity directly to share and like specific content of our website. When you visit our website the operator of the plug-in for social networks (the buttons Visit us on Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Youtube), which is located on our website can place a cookie on your device, which allows this operator to recognize the people on its website, who have earlier visited our website, to make the service of this social network easier to use, to ensure that your action is shown on our website (e.g. update of the cache for social sharing).

If before you browse our website you have logged in your profile on the relevant social network, the plug-ins for social networks can allow the relevant social network to receive data for you, which identify you directly and show that you have visited our website. The plug-ins for social networks can collect these data regarding visitors, who have logged in their profile in the social networs, regardless of whether the visitors interact with the plug-in on our website. The plug-ins for social networks also allow the social networks` websites to share information regarding your activity on our website with other users of the website of the relevant social network.

These social networks can as well collect your personal data for their own purposes. Akarie has no influence on the way of use of your personal data by the social networks. For more information regarding the cookies set by the social networks and the data they can collect see their own privacy and cookies regulation. Hereinbellow we have listes the confidenciality policies of the social networks, used most often:

Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/policies

Instagram - https://instagram.com/legal/privacy/

Google - https://policies.google.com/privacy

YouTube - https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7671399?hl=en

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy


7. Changes in the Cookies Policy

The present Cookies Policy can be changed and updated in order to reflect our development, the development of our services and/ or the technological progress. A notification for such change will made as an update of the Cookies Policy and specification of the date of the last update. We encourage our users regularly to review the current Cookies Policy on our website

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State-of-Art Technology

Fast and reliable Internet, immediate access to Telecom system with dedicated lines, phone answering, call forwarding, voice mail. Audio and Videoconference facilities available in the meeting rooms.



Our centers are non-branded – providing the best corporate image and identity for Your Company! It is Your Office!


Best Locations

Sterling locations are second to none - prestigious and convenient. Right in the heart of city, in the business district and in vicinity of everything.


Full range of Facilities

Sterling clients benefit from all shared facilities such as: Reception and Welcoming Area, variety of Meeting and Conference Rooms, Client Services Area, Café, and Club Lounge.


First Class Services

With over 12 years in the industry, we provide the best you can get - great image, convenient and productive environment, premium Business Services to support your success.


Unique Business Environment

We host multinational companies, leaders in their sectors, who value the unique Sterling business environment. We choose high quality to ensure pleasant and productive atmosphere for our clients.

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